Pre-school and early school education

Edukacja przedszkolna i wczesnoszkolna


Project E-motion – potential of hypersensitivity is the first initative of the university in the field of international research on the high sensitivity. Materials supporting parents and teachers of preschools in their work, as well as psychometric tool to measure the high sensitivity of children aged from 3 to 10 years were prepared within this project.

Pathways to Inclusive Pedagogy

pathways to inclusive pedagogy

Project Pathways to Inclusive Pedagogy focuses on the inclusive education and preparation of future and experienced teachers to work with pupils with special educational needs.



Project Supporting the Education of Students with Disabilities at Homeschooling (SESHOME) provides educational materials for teachers and educators dealing with home education.

School education

Edukacja szkolna


The Contemporary Teaching and Learning Techniques for Distance Education (CT&LT4DE) project aims to increase the competences of teachers and students in the field of distance education, as well as to improve the functioning and quality of remote education activities.


“ISafetyApp:Teaching Students Internet Safety Through an Artificial Intelligence Mobile Application” (IsafetyApp) supports school students’ online safety competences with with use of an innovative online application.

Logo CTApp


Project CTApp: Teaching Students Computational Thinking Through a Mobile Application aims to develop online application for primary school students to help them learn science using serious games.



In MATE: Multidimensional Analytical Training in Education project, an innovative online game for primary school stutends that allows them to develop cognitive skills by improving chess skills was prepared.

Vocational education

Edukacja zawodowa
3D Printing logo

3D Printing in VET

In the 3D Printing in VET (3DP-VET) project online platform with educational materials for teachers of vocational schools on the use of 3D printing while conducting subject classes is being prepared.



Project Smart tools and methodologies for VET educators (SMART_VET) supports the exchange of experience in the area of innovative tools and good practices between institutions from selected European countires who operate in the field of vocational education.

Youth education

Edukacja młodzieży

GAMING as Social Skills Learning TOOL

GAMING as Social Skills Learning Tool supports activities of trainers and youth workers, and tackles the topic of the influence of online games on the development of social competencies in youth.

Higher education

Szkolnictwo wyższe


Transversal BIM Knowledge for Higher Education project aims to design the interdisciplinary course that would introduce BIM technology solutions to the study programmes  such as IT, management, transport and logistics.

High sensitivity logo

High sensitivity

In the High Sensitivity – Innovative Module in Human Sciences (HS MODULE) project, team of the international experts develop the educational module suited to the Human Sciences study programmes on the topic of high sensitivity.

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International students’ Action for Adapting Cross-Cultural activities (ISAAC) project supports the activities of the Centre of Projects, International Cooperation and Development Strategy in the field of establishing international cooperation networks with other academic instutitions in Europe.



Project Improving didactics, education and learning in higher education with online serious game creator (Ideal Game) improves the resources of the universities in the field of use of innovative tools – serious games, in the education.



Erasmus + is a program supporting the exchange of university students and academic staff within the EU countries for educational purposes.
It includes study visits, traineeship placement, trainings and courses abroad. The program is financed from EU funds, and the supervision over its implementation is carried out by National Agencies. In Poland, the NA function is performed by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FRSE).
The E + program is primarily an opportunity to develop your own skills, get to know other cultures, increase your chances on the labor market, but also experience a unique, one in a lifetime adventure.

Planning a career

Planowanie kariery zawodowej
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Project PRO-MOTION. Sensitive Career Management focuses on the topic of high sensitivity in the career planning and on highly sensitive employees in the work environment.

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Emotional intelligence on labour market

Main aim of the Emotional Intelligence on labour market project is the development of the tool measuring emotional intelligence in the context of workplace or career planning.

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Career Tree

Project Career Tree – CaT helped to prepare innovative (standardized on a representative group) modular system of analysis, diagnosis as well as educational and vocational counseling, which supports the work of career counselors.

Adult education

Edukacja dorosłych


Project „Financial Literacy for Investment, Growth, Help and Teamwork” supports the education of adults in the field of finance, managing their own business and finances in the digital world, takes up topics in the field of economics and economy.

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BRinging STEM into Active aging (BRAIN) project focuses on innovative solutions in the education of adults. Main result of the project is an online tool supporting science learning.

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Main aim of the Open and distance education for Palliative Care at home (E-CARE) project is to develop an online educational plarform with materials supporting work of people providing home palliative care.


Fresh-Up Economics

Project Fresh-up Economics. Towards Economic Literacy in Europe (ECOLIT) focuses on the topic of economy and socio-economic education. Main activity in the project is the development of the online platfrom with materials from the field of economy.

Activities for the labor market

Działania na rzecz rynku pracy


Main aims of the VET-UP for the excellence in Vocational Education in Europe project are to strenghten the European cooperation networks of organisations operating in the field of vocational education, to support labour market and to prepare training solutions for the vocational educators in the EU.

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The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program supports the acquisition of business experience by young entrepreneurs. The aim of the program is to organize trips – visits to the experienced companies from Europe.

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REACTIVATE contributed to the development and implementation of international innovative mechanisms (advisory, financial) supporting the mobility of people on the EU labor market. The result of the project is an online platform used to search for a job / employee at EU level.

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