International Cooperation

Main aims in the field of building international cooperation, are:

development and implementation of the projects co-financed by European Union

preparation of international mobilities of WSEI students and staff

streghtening the networking of academic partners and employers’ networks

supporting various types Univeristy’s activities in the field of internationalisation

CPIC&DS monitors the availability of various calls and initiatives in the national and international scope, in specific thematic fields, as well as the possibilities of cooperation of the academic staff or departments. Activities of the Centre aren’t limited only to the University but are also conducted for its partners – from the preschools to the Universities of the Third Age.
The second important area is the support for adacemic staff and students of home unversity as well as foreign guests within the organisation of EU mobilities.
The third important activity of the Centre is building international network at the level of the European Union between academic institutions and labour market.
International projects of CPIC&DS follow the idea of lifelong learning – provide innovative solutions for individuals, educators as well as WSEI educational partners.


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