Cooperation with Lublin City Hall


Citizens’ Affairs and Foreigners Department, Lubelskie Province Governor’s Office in Lublin

The department deals with:

  • matters related to the issuing of passports to Polish citizens,
  • the affairs of foreigners residing in the territory of the Republic of Poland,
  • the proceedings for the acquisition of Polish citizenship, its confirmation and renunciation,
  • repatriation matters,
  • matters of churches and religious associations within the scope specified by the relevant acts,
  • matters of national minorities.


Information Desk for Foreigners, Lublin City Office

The unit provides free information assistance to foreigners living in Lublin with regard to the services provided at the Lublin City Office and basic information concerning the contact details, tasks and procedures performed by other entities (public administration institutions and entities providing assistance to foreigners).

WWW: Information Desk for Foreigners

Lublin City Office Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department, Division for Cooperation with the Academic Community

Contact person:  Wiktoria Herun (tel. +48 81 466 25 11, e-mail:

WWW: Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department/ BIP Lublin City Office

The Office of European Youth Capital in Lublin, Lublin City Office

Contact e-mail:

  • Agnieszka Parol-Górna – +48 81 466 37 22,
  • Agata Cholewa – +48 81 466 25 65,
  • Łukasz Kuzioła – +48 81 466 25 65

WWW: The European Youth Capital 2023

Non-governmental organizations:

“Dla Ziemi” Association

The SZUM Youth Group has been operating in conjunction with the association for over 10 years. Among others, the association has been working on the following projects: “Strangers? Getting closer” and “We want to live in Poland”, these are aimed at the social activation of refugee and migrant women.


“Homo Faber” association

This organization monitors the extent to which a particular public authority respects human rights and freedoms. The association undertakes advocacy work for minority and excluded groups. It counteracts discrimination based on gender, political and other views, race, skin colour, national and ethnic origin, religion, language, age and sexual orientation. For years the association has been publishing “Kapownik” – a practical guide to life in Lublin, this was published in the form of an academic calendar in three languages; it presents Lublin from various cultural, official, economic and historical points of view, it teaches people about the Polish language and culture.


The Rule of Law Institute Foundation

The Foundation is a local expert in the field of legal advice for foreigners. It also implements the innovative project “LOGIN:Lublin” and is actively involved in activities for the benefit of the foreign community.


Volunteer Centre in Lublin

The Volunteer Centre is an organization that comprehensively deals with volunteering. The main directions of its activity areas are as follows: coordinating the work of volunteers, their formation, promoting and inspiring local and pastoral communities to create clubs, offices and volunteer centres.


The Migrant and Refugee Aid Centre of Caritas of the Archdiocese of Lublin

  • Provides social assistance for persons remaining in the asylum process, intercultural support, psychological and legal support, career advice, material assistance.
  • Provides social assistance, intercultural, psychological and legal support, career advice, material assistance for persons with refugee status or subsidiary protection.


“Sempre a Frente” Foundation


WSEI Welcome Center
4 Projektowa Street
room 01 i 02 (ground floor)
20-209 Lublin

Phone./fax: +48 81 749-32-39

Centrum Projektów, Współpracy Międzynarodowej i Strategii Rozwoju
ul. Projektowa 4
20-209 Lublin

Phone: 81 749-32-37

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