Work Placement Abroad for Students of Dual Studies!

Dear student of 2nd year, 2nd degree of Management and Computer Science!

Would you like to spend 3 of the coldest winter months abroad?

This year, same as before, you will have to do a compulsory 3-month WSEI internship.

This time however, it will be scheduled between February and May 2022.

Have you already found a company that meets your expectations? Are you thinking about doing your internship outside Poland? You can make it an unforgettable adventure!

Take part in the Erasmus + program and go on an internship in any EU country of your choice!

How can you do it? There’s nothing simpler!

Step by step recruitment:

  1. Complete the Application form, and then bring them to the Project Center: WSEI, 1st floor, room 103 or send it to:
    Deadline is 15/01/2022!
  2. Take two English language tests (written and oral),
  3. Find an internship place – don’t worry, we will help you with that!
  4. Send us a Letter of Intent with a signature of the company that will accept you for the internship,
  5. Go abroad and gain new experiences in international environment!

To do an internship abroad you have to meet below conditions:  

– You must have possess current residence card or visa, valid at least until the end of the internship;

– You must have communicative (at least B2 level) knowledge of the foreign language in which the internships will be conducted;

– You must show the proper academic results;

– you must fulfill all obligations arising from studying at WSEI;

– You must have a practice journal, completed and signed by the host institution / company.

Application forms you’ll find at the bottom of the page or at:

or simply contact us at: !

Aplication form – link for downloading

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