Horizont ProConsult” EOOD is a consulting agency, specialized in the design and implementation of European projects for the Erasmus+ programme.

Horizont ProConsult EOOD’s main responsibility is increasing the quality of Bulgarian education, through the preparation and implementation of international mobility projects with educational purposes, compilation of training programs aimed at school staff (teachers). The company works on strategic partnerships projects creating new training methodologies and educational resources, aiming to improve the educational environment in Bulgaria and Europe.

The team develops mainly international projects in the field of vocational education and training, and strategic partnerships aimed at cross-sectoral cooperation. Horizont ProConsult may acts both as main and intermediary organisation and provides opportunities for training and internships in a real work-based environment for Bulgarian students abroad under the Erasmus+ program.

The available internship positions are:

Graphic designer

  • Produces logos, advertising materials, flyers and brochures about projects on which the company is working
  • Assists in the implementation of this type of task, e.g. training of newsletters, etc.

Marketing and communication

  • Develops marketing materials for various projects, and creates content on the maintenance of various sites and web pages 
  • Prepares a communication plan to reach target groups on various projects
  • Participates in the maintenance of FB pages and the dissemination of various project results online

Administrative Assistant

  • Assists in drawing up different types of documents
  • Supports the office activities of the organization
  • Prepares a schedule of various project activities
  • Organizational activity

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Date of the traineeship: 01.02.2022 – 15.05.2022

Webpage: https://horizontproconsult.com/en/home/ 

If interested, please contact us at: erasmus@wsei.lublin.pl

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